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The Fellowship's journal, The Dickensian, was founded in 1905. It publishes a wide range of articles on the life and work of Charles Dickens which are contributed by scholars from around the world. In addition to its articles, each issue carries reviews of books, plays, films and TV productions, together with reports of Fellowship activities and other Dickens-related news. The Dickensian is edited by Professor Malcolm Andrews of the University of Kent; and the Associate Editor is Dr Tony Williams.

The Dickensian is published three times a year, each issue being anything from 96-112 pages.

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It is not necessary to belong to the Fellowship in order to subscribe to The Dickensian, but there is a special low rate for members.
In addition, individual subscribers (not Institutions) receive free access to the online archive of all previous issues of The Dickensian, through an arrangement with ProQuest.
Subscriptions must be paid in advance, and cover a year's three issues: Spring (typically May), Summer (typically August) and Winter (typically December).

Individual subscribers

Members of the Fellowship - £15.00
Non-Members in the UK - £19.00
Non-Members outside the UK  - £21.00


Inside the UK - £29.00 (10% discount via Agency)
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New for 2021 - Online version available to subscribers

Subscribers to The Dickensian journal also have access to view recent  editions online.  Current subscribers can view the online versions when they are logged in through 'My Account'.

Contributions and editorial

Contributions and editorial correspondence should be addressed to the Editor:

Contact: The Dickensian Editor

Copy can be uploaded through this contact form

(Postal contact for those without email:
 Professor Malcolm Andrews: The Dickensian
 The School of English, Rutherford College, University of Kent
 Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NX, UK)

Guidelines for submission

Articles should be up to 5,000 words, exclusive of notes. Illustrations are welcome, for articles, reviews and Fellowship matters.

If illustrations are to be included they should be sent as separate files and also embedded in the submitted work and given full captions. Photos or scanned pictures should be supplied at a minimum 300dpi resolution.

When scanning images please ensure that the width is a minimum of 11cm. Contributors should ensure they have permission to reproduce any such illustrations for publication.

House style conventions

Contributors are asked to observe the following house-style conventions in presenting material to The Dickensian:

  • No particular presentation style is preferred for referencing articles; but whatever style is chosen, please observe clarity and consistency. If you choose the MHRA style or similar (non-parenthetical) systems, please use endnotes, not footnotes. Your first endnote references to books, articles, essays etc should be framed as in the following examples:

John Forster, The Life of Charles Dickens, ed. by J.W.T.Ley (London: Cecil Palmer, 1928), p.43. 

Michael Allen, ‘The Dickens Family at Chatham, 1817-1822’, The Dickensian 79 (1982), pp.67-88.

The Letters of Charles Dickens, ed. by M.House, G.Storey et al, The British Academy Pilgrim Edition (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1965-2002), VII (1993), pp.221-24. (Subsequent references can be abbreviated to Letters, IX (1997), pp. 41-8).

  • For book reviews please use the following form for titles:

DEREK JOHNSON, Pastoral in the Works of Charles Dickens (Peter Lang, 1992), pp.vii+216. ISBN 0-333-59776-5. £35.

  • (non-parenthetical) systems, please use endnotes, not footnotes. Your first endnote references to books, articles, essays etc should be framed as in the following examples:

John Forster, The Life of Charles Dickens, ed. by J.W.T.Ley (London: Cecil Palmer, 1928), p.43. 

Michael Allen, ‘The Dickens Family at Chatham, 1817-1822’, The Dickensian 79 (1982), pp.67-88.

  • Typescripts to be at least 1.5-spaced.
  • Single quotation marks should be used, with double for quotations within quotations
  • Paragraph beginnings should be indented
  • The possessive ‘s’ is added to ‘Dickens’ (i.e. Dickens’s) and to similar proper names.
  • Dates should give Day followed by Month followed by Year (e.g. 7 February 1812).
  • No full stop should follow abbreviations such as ‘Mr’ or ‘Dr’.


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Postal address:
Dr Tony Williams: The Dickensian
The Charles Dickens Museum
48 Doughty Street
London WC1N 2LX, UK 

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Editors of The Dickensian

1905-1925:  B.W.Matz

1926-1944: Walter Dexter

1945-1968: Leslie Staples

1968-1977: Michael Slater

1978-1986: Andrew Sanders

1987-1991: Margaret Reynolds

1991-2021: Malcolm Andrews

2021-Date: Emily Bell

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    The Dickensian 2020

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    The Dickensian 1933

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    The Dickensian 1929

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    Dummy for the first edition, 1905

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    First edition cover, 1905

Cumulative Analytical index 1975-2005

A cumulative analytical index 1975-2005

The Dickensian was first published in January 1905 and has provided a rich source of information about all kinds of Dickens-related matters for over one hundred and fifteen years. Its readership embraces a wide range of scholars and enthusiasts throughout the world. It is frequently quoted in other works and acts as a journal of record for its publisher, the Dickens Fellowship.

Each year an Index leaflet is produced relating to the previous year’s three issues and published with the Spring issue of the following year and sent to subscribers.

The cumulative index for the years from 1975 to 2005, compiled by John Welford, is a complementary volume to the earlier Dunn Index, and was produced and published in 2010 by The University of Buckingham Press.

Readers of The Dickensian will find themselves able to track down references to events in Dickens’s life, aspects of his character, links to the times in which he wrote, as well as much fascinating information about his subsequent reputation. References to the novels, aspects of their composition, characters in them, reviews of adaptations for various media, the journals Dickens edited and his celebrated public readings all figure in detail in the index. The journal’s intimate connection with its parent organisation is also acknowledged in references to the activities of the Fellowship and its branches. Entries in the index are arranged alphabetically and there are two supplementary indexes provided, for illustrations and obituaries.

For further information please contact Dickensian Editor.

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