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The two California branches (GRAD and GLAD) have merged to form the SoCalDF.

A Hearty Greetings to SoCalDF, fellow Dickensians!

Website: www.gladfellowship.org
Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/1405191869718211/
Regular meeting venue: Riverside Main Library / Zoom
Chairman: Tim Clark, [email protected], 1-909-225-2834
Corresponding Secretary: Vikky Pickett, [email protected], 1-951-805-2621
Zoom Link: https://ucsc.zoom.us/j/93306449804?pwd=elpFZXBwRTkzbU10TUZoQ1VSVFpwdz09

The Southern California Dickens (SoCalDF) Fellowship meets every other month to discuss a selected
novel or a specific Dickensian theme. If a Guest Presentation opportunity avails, we will calendar in the
between month.
We will resume Zoom meetings in January 2023. Attempts at live meetings at our beautiful downtown
library have not been well-attended, so such have been suspended until enthusiasm arises.
Considerations for a quarterly live meeting are ongoing.
In November we began reading and discussing the chosen novel for the 2023 Dickens Universe, A Tale
of Two Cites. Wayne Batten introduced us with Book the First, chapters 1-6.

Here are our upcoming 2023 Saturday meeting dates, along with our presenter, topic, and/or chapters
that will be read and discussed:

December (Holiday break…read the novel!)
January 28 (TTC, Book the 2 nd , Ch. 1-12) presented by Kendall Mattern
February 11 Bleak Health, author Nicholas Cambridge
March 25 (TTC, Book the 2 nd , Ch. 13-24) presented by Wayne Batten
May 13 (TTC, Book the 3 rd , Ch. 1-15) presented by Kendall Martin

Also: Our newsletter, SoCalDF Greetings, is published prior to each meeting.

Our annual Fellowship dues are designated to support local sponsorships and charities. We have chosen
the following groups to bestow Holiday gift donations and sponsorships to this year:

1. David & Margaret Youth Family Services (local Orphanage)
2. Operation Safehouse (abused and battered women)
3. Riverside City Mission
4. Salvation Army
5. The Dickens Project (Dickens U.)
6. Neighborhood Academic Initiative (NAI high school Lit. program at Foshay)


Southern California DF Branch

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