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Artist Stefano Paggi has created some beautiful new images illustrating scenes from Great Expectations, like this one from chapter XXXV11 of Wemmick's Castle at Walworth.

It captures following moment:

”As Wemmick and Miss Skiffins sat side by side, and as I sat in a shadowy corner, I observed a slow and gradual elongation of Mr. Wemmick's mouth, powerfully suggestive of his slowly and gradually stealing his arm round Miss Skiffins's waist. In course of time I saw his hand appear on the other side of Miss Skiffins; but at that moment Miss Skiffins neatly stopped him with the green glove, unwound his arm again as if it were an article of dress, and with the greatest deliberation laid it on the table before her. Miss Skiffins's composure while she did this was one of the most remarkable sights I have ever seen, and if I could have thought the act consistent with abstraction of mind, I should have deemed that Miss Skiffins performed it mechanically.”

Stefano writes:

While the book focuses on describing the castle from the outside, having a stinger gun, and resembling indeed a little castle made out of wood, I tried to envision how the parlour would have looked like. The banner on top, the castle on the chimney piece, as well as the crown like chandeliers, and the weapons on the left wall hint at Mr Wemmick's partiality towards the medieval times.

You can see a high resolution picture here:

Furthermore you can visit Stefano's blog:

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